In Memory

Marc Bernstein

Marc passed away in July of 2016, I believe, from heart problems.  

This is one of the hardest entries for me to make, as Marc and I were first cousins, but unfortunately, we all lost touch with him in the last few years.

When we were kids, he and his brother, along with my own brother and sister, met up with our other 8 cousins at our grandparents apartment in Washington Heights (where I grew up), every Sunday until we were all pre-teens.  We had the best time wreaking havoc, celebrating all the holidays together.

Marc was always soft-spoken and shy.  He was so handsome and his eyes glistened when he smiled.  He was a great athlete.

(If anyone had some contact with him recently, please private message me)

Ronnie Fluxgold Strum



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08/18/17 11:16 AM #1    

Robert Fichtel

Marc and I were friends at Lewis through sports, as he ran track and I played on the baseball team. Marc was always a kind spirited, really nice guy. I lost touch with Marc until a few years ago when several '68 FLHS grads and I reconnected with him over dinner. And even though 40+ years had passed, Marc still displayed the same wonderful qualities that he did as a high schooler! He was a class act who left us too soon. Rest in peace my old friend!

08/18/17 09:32 PM #2    

Alan Satz (Satz)

So very sorry to hear of Marc's passing. We were friends at JHS 74 playing slap ball and 'association' before school and at lunch time.He was a gifted athelete.We remained friends at Lewis and occasionally hung out at Jahn's on Springfield Blvd. on Friday nights. Rest in peace!

08/19/17 09:06 AM #3    

Gordon Keit

Did not know Mark very well, but anytime a classmate passes, it saddens me.  To his family and friends, my heartfelt condolences.

08/20/17 12:52 PM #4    

David Abrams

our thoughts and prays are with the Bernstein  sorry on the loss

abrams family

08/20/17 03:03 PM #5    

Vicki Andrews (MacKenzie)

I am saddened to hear about the passing of Marc Bernstein. Although we didn't know each other well in HS, we corresponded frequently from 2010 until a couple of years ago. I learned that he didn't go to our 2009 reunion so I sent plenty of photos. We talked about classmates, tennis and rock music. I had always wondered why Marc hadn't spoken clearly, but realized why after he told me that he was hard of hearing--it all made sense, especially with my background in speech & language pathology. We finally met in person at a small group lunch in Manhattan. I took photos that day, and Marc ended up using one of them for his FB profile photo.

 Although Marc was good at lip-reading one-on-one, he found it difficult to follow group conversations with background noise--very understandable. He wrote in an email that although he couldn't follow what everyone said, he was happy to see that the rest of us were getting along and having a good time--so selfless! He very generously offered to pay for the group's lunch but we insisted on paying for ourselves. 

I saw him again at the FLHS 50th reunion and again at a restaurant with a small group of classmates for dinner. He was generous again and gave me some photos he'd taken of the US Open tennis qualifying matches. 

He told me that his communication diffulty had interfered with his social life, but had a 'lady friend' all througout our correspondence. I wonder if she was with him at the end or if she posted an obituary. I'd like to read it if it exists.

I find it so ironic that someone so fit had heart problems. I remember that he wrote to me about a heart attack a few years ago and was dissapointed that 6 months later, he wasn't coming back to his former self. In fact one of our classmates commented during the 50th reunion of Francis Lewis how fit he was.

I'll miss our email chats and now know why there was no response recently. I'll always remember how kind, thoughtful and generous he was.

Vicki (Andrews) MacKenzie

08/20/17 04:43 PM #6    

Stanley Wasserman

Shocking to hear of Marc's passing. Sobering to hear now of his heart disease. Appreciated his efforts in reaching out to fellow track team members and Coach Alvich after his retirement. 

Regretting my not getting back to Queens and hooking up with Marc and others. 

Is it best to retire early or continue working still at a job I still enjoy?


08/22/17 12:51 PM #7    

Irwin Pers

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Marc's passing.  Marc and I were friends through the track team.  He was a fine athelete, quiet, but with a good sense of humor and an easy laugh.  We lost touch after high school but connected a few years ago via email.  Condolenses to all of his friends and family.

08/24/17 07:42 AM #8    

Rona Resnikoff (Shepherd)

I'm so sorry to hear of Marc's passing.  My condolences go out to his friends and family.

08/25/17 07:02 PM #9    

Shelley Meritz (Wagshul)

I knew Marc from JHS 74 as he was in my home room class. Also knew him from my neighborhood but he was always playing sports and I hung out with my girlfriends. Thanks to Facebook Marc and I connected years ago. We mostly communicated via texts and email and sometimes on phone. But when I came home to Bayside Marc and I always got together even picking me up at the airport  Marc always contacted me even after time had elapsed. Time flew by and I realized we hadnt been in contact. I learned that Marc was ill and kept in touch with him but never got to see hm again. He never felt the same and had many setbacks and didn't  feel like seeing any company. Even though we were never great friends growing up we became friends later in life. I am so glad we did. Marc was a kind wonderful man who I was proud to know. I wish we had more time. I spoke to his friend Olga who was with him to the end. She called me when he passed. She was a wonderful friend to Marc and I was so happy he had her there. Marc was always active kept his good looks and ran marathons. He even got me a shirt from one of this runs. RIP dear Marc.  You will always be remembered as the wonderful person you were. 

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